Online Therapy

Online therapy is becoming increasingly popular due to a number of associated benefits and it actively broadens the scope of therapists you have to choose from. Although my practice is located in Bournemouth, I have worked successfully with clients from afar with the use of online video conference systems.

I will carry out an initial assessment online to determine if online therapy will be of benefit for you and your individual circumstances and desired therapeutic goals.

‘Zoom’ is computer software that I utilise as it will enable us to video chat face to face and in real-time. I use Zoom due to their up to date and robust privacy policy. You can find further information on their privacy policy by clicking here.

Zoom is free to download, and all you need is a web camera and microphone which is likely to be built-in to your device. I recommend that you find a consistent place to engage in your weekly online therapy session. A place where you have a strong wi-fi connection but that is also place where you can speak confidentially without being interrupted.

The Counselling Directory has written a helpful article about the benefits and factors to consider regarding online therapy. If you are interested in engaging in online therapy and would like further information you can access this article here.